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“It’s not a diet…it’s an exciting new lifestyle I enjoy”.

My name is Anastasia, I am founder of ADB Nutrition. ADB Nutrition is here to bring your health improvement journey to the next level.

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Is this for me?

Yes! If you are looking to…

  • improve your energy levels and your health
  • you have gut-related struggles and want to know how to improve your quality of life through nutritional intervention
  • understand your body better and learn how to support it to be heathy

As a bonus, after working with us you will balance hormones, tackle cravings and feel happier.

Yes, that’s right.

Let’s find your own definition of healthy and enjoy living!

Who do you work with?”

We specialise in Women’s Health, Weight Loss and Gut Health. We help women find their own definition of healthy and empower them to take good care of themselves.

We teach you strategies on how to maintain your results for long-term success!

We supply you with the tools you need to stay on top of your health.

Our programmes are evidence-based and written by qualified practitioner with clinical experience.

We offer personalised plans because you and your body are unique!

Tired of feeling tired, don’t want to go to bed feeling hungry all the time and worry about meeting your nutritional needs?

Let us show you how to reach your health goals and enjoy the process!

Want to chat first? No problem. Book a call with our team to see how we can help you move forward with your goals!

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