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What we eat is important as it fuels our body to function on a daily basis. For kids, food is also a source of nutrients for proper growth and development. The food that we eat has important nutrients that are involved in brain development, proper food digestion, balance of sugar levels, and hormone production. Deficiencies in vital nutrients may lead to disease and various symptoms we sometimes ignore, like fatigue and mood swings. As you may know from the famous saying “Many diseases start in the gut”, working on gut health and supporting immune system development from childhood can minimize the risk of having health concerns at older age.

Healthy Bunny child nutrition clinic is on a mission to help busy parents support their child’s development and well-being by providing them with science-based nutritional advice and coaching.

Healthy Bunny’s 4 pillars to help your family reach optimal health

What we offer:

Healthy family

Online child nutrition course for mums who want to improve their family’s health and longevity

  • Nutrition basics
  • Exercise basics
  • Creating a safe kitchen and space
  • Lifestyle basics

…Coming soon…

Nutritional packages

What is included?

up to 3 months nutritional therapy programme with support from qualified child nutritionist.

What you will get:
– review of your little one’s diet
– nutrition & lifestyle recommendations
– analysis of functional testing with premium quality nutritional advice
– personalised advice to suit your needs and abilities (realistic goals and implementation support)
– Support via WhatsApp during and up to the month after the programme

Included: 1 functional test on the 3 months programme. Blood test interpretation with nutritional advice

Gut and immune health coaching

4 weeks programme to improve your little one’s gut and immune system health.

In 4 weeks to obtain…
– healthy digestion ⭐️
– boosted immune system ⭐️

What you will get:
– review of your little one’s diet
– nutrition & lifestyle coaching
– personalised advice and coaching to suit your family’s needs and abilities
– Up to 4 hours of 1:1 consultations
– Support via WhatsApp for 6 weeks

Online via Google Meet. *In person consultations coming soon

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